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Why visit PetExpo 2024?

  • You will negotiate favorable terms and better price conditions.
  • You will make new and expand existing contacts.
  • You will meet with decision makers (owners, presidents, directors).
  • You will bring to the store shelves the novelties that pet owners are looking for.
  • You will benefit from discounts, thus saving money.
  • You will meet nearly 150 Exhibitors in one place, thus saving your time.
  • You will meet with friends from the industry.
  • You will learn about product innovations and trends in the industry.

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PetExpo B2B show

In business, the most important thing is direct contact. Meet PetExpo pet exhibitors and do business with them. Check out who will be at PetExpo in Bydgoszcz and plan who you want to network with.

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