How to choose the best booth location at a pet fair

The location of the booth affects the efficiency and effectiveness of participation in the fair. Therefore, the choice of venue should be one of the most important considerations when planning to attend a pet fair. The earlier you apply, the better your chances of getting a good location. And also for the organizer to take into account your preferences.

Best trade show booth locations

When considering where to locate your booth, consider which hall, where it will be located and who it will be adjacent to. This has a major impact on the number of visitors. The optimal location is a stand in the vicinity of the market leaders, as well as the largest competitors.



The most attractive areas are those in the main traffic routes and at their confluence. Stands located in front of the main entrances according to exhibitors are the most prestigious and indicate a significant position in the market. A combination of the two is ideal, but this can only be afforded by industry leaders who have ordered large areas. Stands located against the walls of the hall, far from the main entrances, may be less popular with visitors than those placed in the center.

Tip #1
Choose a place in the main traffic flow.

What stand locations to avoid?

The location of the exhibition is also influenced by the infrastructure of the hall. Places should be avoided:

When choosing a booth location, also consider issues such as distance from restaurants, restrooms or meeting rooms.

Tip #2
Book a trade show booth as soon as possible.

What are the types of stands?

Tip #3
Be open to the customer.

What to do when the best stands are busy?

When there are few vacant booths left and no location changes are possible, professional build-outs are the solution. It will become a magnet for the booth. And the greatest asset will be a staff that knows the rules of business etiquette.

Good advice: don’t put off booking until the last minute. The best seats sell first. If you have doubts about which booth to choose, call the organizer, he will certainly help you choose the best available place.

Tip #3
At the fair, the most important thing is professional booth service!